House Fredriksberg 2019

The large site (24 Ha) is located in the heart of the rural countryside of Södermanland, two hours’ drive from Stockholm. The location is totally secluded and the building is placed on a small hill, overlooking the cultivated nature in four different directions.

The building creates together with the surrounding landscape a new relationship where the house becomes a focal point in the nature, like a beacon. The strict geometry of the house creates an abstraction, the building becomes a sign in the landscape without scale.

The organization of the interior is straight forward, one big space on each floor, with a stair well slightly off center, subdividing the large spaces to meet the different functions of the program. The ground level is the common space, whereas the upper level is the private. The hidden roof terrace offers long views over the property.

In addition to the main building there is a guest house and a Falu red wooden garage/storage.

The building technique is traditional solid masonry with the bricks and mortar in the same light grey color.