House Engberga

The site in the Stockholm archipelago is a private peninsula with access over a drivable jetty. At the center of the peninsula is a hill where the house sits with unobstructed views in four directions. This is also the starting point for the organization of the house in three levels of rather different character: a solid base made of in-situ concrete, a completely glazed middle floor contained within an open pillar structure, and a more secluded top floor with facades and roof of burnt wood (Shou sugi ban). A path leads through a double-height loggia to the entrance at the lower level where there is a guest room, a studio and a family room, all shaped around and between curved concrete walls. A circular stair connects to the social main floor with kitchen, dining and living arranged around wooden box that contains the stair, a fireplace and storage. The top floor contains two bedrooms and a master suite. Kitchen and living room have direct access to a sheltered terrace facing south west, where a paved footpath leads to a boathouse and sauna down by the water.