House G

A site on a hill offering vast views over the Lake Mälaren landscape. The house is built in three levels: a souterrain basement with a guest studio, storage and garage, a main level with living, dining, kitchen and bedrooms, a roof terrace with an outdoor kitchen, pool and herb garden.

The main level is organized as an interplay of mass and void. It can be described as an open platform with a continuous strip of windows all around, where four rounded volumes, one at each façade, accommodate cloakroom, bedrooms, bath and dining room. In between the closed volumes, a common social space is shaped where entrance, kitchen, living and a library-study are placed each in one corner.

The local planning regulations offered an unusually generous floor to ceiling height which together with the rounded inner walls contribute to the impression of one open and floating space around the central spiral staircase that interconnects all three levels of the home. Construction is in-situ concrete for foundation, floors and roof with structural steel columns and solid wood for facades and interior finishes.